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To get more information or to place an order, please contact NorthWest NC Firearms.
​ NorthWest                              NC Firearms
Product Services
NWNC Firearms specializes in finding the right rifle , pistol, muzzle-loader or shotgun for the beginner and experienced firearms hobbyist.  We also provide critical services required of our sport.  Below is a list of our services offered.  Please contact us for quotes, purchases and questions.

1. Firearm Transfers - $20/each,  It is federal law that you must appear in person to have your firearms transferred and your background check done.  If you have ordered a firearm and need it sent to a local FFL dealer in northwest NC, NorthWest NC Firearms will receive shipment of your gun.  You can then come by our office, have the transfer paperwork done and be on your way.  

For those outside our NC locale, the gun will be shipped to an FFL dealer of your choice for them to complete the transfer.  We will charge no transfer fee, but check with your local FFL dealer for their applicable charges.

2.  Firearm Cleaning - $25/each, Depending on how often they are used, every firearm should periodically undergo a professional detailed cleaning where the firearm is torn down completely and thoroughly cleaned, oiled and reassembled.  If you don't have the time or the supplies, let NWNC Firearms do it for you and do it right!​​

3.  Firearm Selection​​ - If you're  just not sure what purchase to make, either for a firearm or any component, let NWNC Firearms help you make a selection.  We will provide you with a quote on your top choices.

4.  Used Firearm Sales - If your looking to sell a gun or purchase a used gun, give us a chance to buy, sell, trade or consign yours.  These firearms are priced with shipping included.  Each used firearm for sale has been shot, checked and cleaned.  We go out of our way to include every detail of the gun in the description shown.  All Federal Firearms Laws apply.  Used firearms for sale will soon be posted on our website!​​

5.  ​​The DIY Purchase
is for the customer that...
         - is an experienced &/or knowledgeable firearms hobbyist
         - needs a FFL dealer to receive a firearms shipment &/or transfer firearms purchased
         - needs a quote on firearm &/or components
​         - knows what gun &/or components he wants​ to purchase 
         - can provide manufacturer, model, caliber, & stock preferences for gun
         - can provide manufacturer, model, magnification, objective size, finish, & reticle for scope
         - can provide other component specifics on sling, choke tube, etc.
​         - will be doing their own assembly, bore sighting or sighting in.​​

6.  ​​The Ready-for-Action Package is for the customer that...
         - wants to take possession of a gun "ready-for-action"! 
         - ​is a beginner firearms hobbyist
         - can benefit from recommendations when selecting a firearm and the components
         - needs a quote on firearm &/or components
         - ​​​wants gun assembly
         - wants gun bore-sighted or sighted-in for perfect performance​
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