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Todd White, Owner/Operator

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Want a new firearm?  Dread having to do all the footwork or online searching for the best price?  Do you spend hours & hours looking for the right gun, the right stock and ammunition and then spend more time trying to find the proper accessories, such as optics, rings, bases, covers, & choke tube.  Now you finally have your gun, but it needs to be bore-sighted or sighted-in before using it.  Thats more time and expertise needed! 

Wouldn't it be GREAT if there was someone you trusted to get it all ready for you?!​​  They could research the lowest available price, find the right accessories, have it sighted-in and sent to your local FFL dealer for pick-up by you.  You open the box and it's "ready-to-go"...a packaged deal!

Todd White, owner/operator of NorthWest NC Firearms wants to make the love of hunting and shooting easy and enjoyable for everyone.  He can remove the pain-staking chore of price shopping and gun set-up off your shoulders.  He has been providing this service for his hunting family and friends for years and is now offering it to the shooting community as a whole.  Check out the many services offered.
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